Media Center

A library is one of the important assets of any community. It is where science merges with philosophy, fiction meets reality, and art imitates life and is intended to be the cornerstone of the school community. School libraries are no longer just for books. Instead they have become sophisticated 21st century learning environments offering a full range of print and electronic resources that provide equal learning opportunities to all students, when they are staffed by qualified professionals trained to collaborate with teachers and engage students with information that matters to them both in the classroom and in the real world.

Our library collection consists of over 10,000 print and non-print materials which includes books, magazines, equipment and videos/DVDs. Computers may be used to locate books on Librarian’s Edge, access our online catalog, reach educational websites on the internet, or take Accelerated Reader tests. Our library is also now stocked with “Kindles” to further expand access to the latest educational materials and books.

The mission of the NUIA media center is to provide not only quality materials, but also access to information and ideas for all users. It affords opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to appreciate literature and the cultural arts, to learn creative thinking skills; to become critical seekers of information and ideas, and to use instructional and educational technology effectively. Our goal is to instill in our students a love of reading and the ability to locate, evaluate and use information in order to complete a task.

Policies and Procedures:

Preschool and Elementary classes visit the library weekly for story time and library orientation. Preschool students do not check out books till they reach first grade. The students can only check out one book at a time and are allowed to keep it for a week. If the books are not returned by the specified time, there will be a fine of .10 cents charged for everyday the book is missing. If the books are not returned after three months, the students will be charged the cost of the book. Middle school and high school classes visit the library twice a month and checkout books to supplement their class reading assignments. They also visit the library to conduct research for projects assigned by their teachers.

Media Center Hours:

The Nur-ul-Islam Academy media center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily. Parents are encouraged to visit the Media Center and check out books for their children. The media specialist is available to assist parents whenever needed. Parents may come to the media center to learn more about any of the programs offered year round. Parents and students are encouraged to make an appointment in the library or at the front office.


STAR Reading is a short reading test which identifies the student’s approximate reading level range. This range is then used by the student to choose books in the Accelerated Reader program that are at the correct level. Students may receive instruction on taking the STAR test.

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is available to all students. This program consists of reading an identified Accelerated Reader book and then taking a short reading comprehension test on the computer. The students are able to accumulate points and read towards a goal, which the classroom teacher sets. The books which have tests to accompany them are identified with an Accelerated Reader sticker and a reading level number. The media specialist always has a list of the current STAR reading results to facilitate the students in choosing the best book for them according their reading level. Parents are encouraged to visit the media specialist or their student’s homeroom teachers for any questions.

The Pizza Hut Book-It Program provides a personal pan pizza for students who score 80 percent or higher on their AR quiz. The program is handled by the media specialist as well as the elementary homeroom teachers.