High School

High School Program

NUIA’s high school program encompasses grades 9-12. The high school program at NUIA prepares students for higher learning through a rigorous offering of academic subjects, including advanced placement courses (AP). Honors classes and the Advanced Placement Program encourage students to reach for the highest level of their abilities while receiving advanced placement and/or college credits. NUIA’s highly committed staff guides students through this very important time, a time of accelerated personal, moral, and academic growth. The skilled and caring high school staff provides both academic and character-building guidance, challenging each student to be his or her very best. Academic learning and the instilling of Islamic values prepare students for the challenges of higher education and life thereafter as productive and successful individuals.

Academics (9-12)

English I is a high school-level introduction to the five major literature genres – the oral tradition, fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction, as well as information and visual media.

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Athletics (9-12)

The Health & Physical Education program is designed to enhance students’ physical development and coordination skills.

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Faculty & Staff (High)

NUIA’s faculty and staff are comprised of highly qualified individuals who demonstrate on a daily basis their commitment to students and academic learning. Read More.