The Health & Physical Education program is designed to enhance students’ physical development and coordination skills. The physical education and health program are correlated with the Florida Sunshine Standards. Students learn basic knowledge about their bodies and abilities. They also develop life management skills and practice ethical behaviors, cooperation, and social interaction. Physical activity also provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and communication. Students participate in a variety of sports activities with emphasis on sportsmanship. Students are taught about the benefits of being physically active, and to appreciate and respect the difference in individual ability and cultural diversity of people

Team sports that are taught include volleyball, basketball, soccer, flag football, and track and field. Health programs provide knowledge about the human body system, emotional, intellectual, social health, family life, growth, and development, community and environmental health. Life skills provide opportunities for students to learn and practice real life situations such as decision making, managing stress, setting goals, resolving conflicts, communicating, and refusing risky behaviors. Thinking skills connect to all subject areas in the school curriculum.